Slalom Build

Slalom Build is a global consulting company specializing in strategy, technology, and transformation. Slalom Build teams design bespoke digital products, data solutions, and cloud platforms, providing seamless support across all stages of the product lifecycle and empowering clients to harness the full power of technology for their businesses.

As a Director of Experience Design at Slalom Build, I established the design culture at the new Slalom Build office in Vancouver. As a Design Leader, I led ambiguous product discoveries to build scalable, accessible, data-driven and user-centric digital products for the enterprise. I created AI-powered business intelligence applications for clients in the energy and electric utilities sectors, serving as a strategic partner to senior leadership to deliver value to the business and its customers. In my leadership position, I built strong relationships with cross-functional teams to promote effective collaboration with design teams.
As a People Leader, I recruited and nurtured a design team at Slalom Build Vancouver. I participated in the global design capability hiring process and mentored team members across Slalom offices in Canada and the USA.
I was honoured with the People First Award as an acknowledgment of the adept guidance and support I provided to a substantial Slalom team during an exceedingly ambiguous project. This recognition emphasized my exceptional leadership skills and dedication to placing people at the forefront.
Journeying through the pandemic. The global pandemic introduced sudden challenges, prompting Slalom to revise its business strategy and launch the new Slalom Build Vancouver center remotely. This period was crucial for honing my resilience, adaptability, and flexibility. Remarkably, in just three years, we grew from a team of four into a dynamic collective of 100+ Builders. As a leader, my focus was on cultivating significant personal connections and fostering collaborative partnerships between Slalom's capabilities in over 40 Slalom markets around the globe.
Selected Achievements

Business Intelligence Application
I spearheaded the strategy and ideation for an AI-powered business intelligence application for a North American energy enterprise, supporting its launch and product optimization.

Revenue Growth: The improved efficiency led to revenue growth, with an increase of over $8 million per hour.

Automation Efficiency: The shift from the labour-intensive manual monitoring and assessment of 90,000 data points to an automatic data collection system reduced insight generation time from weeks to days.

Enhanced Operations: The new application enhanced the client’s operational capabilities, improving user experience and tailoring services to meet customer needs. 

Crew Management Application
I worked with client from Electric Utilities Enterprise in the USA, to strategize, design and validate a Proof-of-Concept for an ML-driven user-centric application.

Vision Alignment: I helped stakeholders visualize the final product, clarifying the project’s objectives and scope.
Cost-Effectiveness: The Proof-of-Concept was pivotal in evaluating the idea’s potential viability and technical feasibility, leading to the deployment of a pilot test integrated with the Salesforce platform.
Long-Term Viability: By leveraging insights from a POC, the business team could better assess the long-term viability and sustainability of investing in innovative products, ensuring a solid foundation for success.

Online Account Management Platform
I led an Agile Discovery for a consumer-facing Online Account Management Platform for a client in Fintech. The work included short—and long-term product vision, execution for established and new customer journeys, and product design.

Top Account: Slalom Canada’s number-one account in 2022, built upon the foundation of trust-based relationships with the client team.
Agile Transformation: The client’s design culture underwent a significant transformation through the facilitated transition to Agile processes.
User Adoption: Following the product’s launch, the client reported an impressive 27,000 active users within the first month.

Responsibility Summary

Experience Design Leader
Designed impactful experiences by building sophisticated digital products that connect products, services, environments, and data.

Acted as a strategic partner to senior leaders, identifying opportunities to champion design efforts and focusing on generating value for the business and its users.

Provided recommendations for an enhanced user experience based on qualitative and quantitative research, which involved user interviews, user journey mapping, empathy mapping, and user testing.

Advocated for customer needs to drive user-centric product strategy, transforming user research insights into impactful customer experiences.

Adeptly surmounted obstacles throughout the innovation process, leading teams through intricate projects by balancing competing business objectives and prioritizing collaborative design efforts.

Developed and implemented an agile design process within a multi-pod product development framework.

Full-stack User Experience Design Leader specialized in ambiguous product discovery and ideation, workshop facilitation, user journey and empathy mapping, service design, wireframes, prototypes and design systems, visual design and presentations. 

Coached and mentored the design team on the most effective practices in product design, including UX research and UI, and provided feedback to ensure the quality of work execution.

Led and facilitated digital product design projects in a remote and distributed team environment.

Utilized AI UX tools to enhance design teams’ efficiency.

Enterprise Design Thinking Practitioner
Led with a Design Thinking approach, infusing all aspects of innovation with a human-centric philosophy to fulfill users’ and business needs in technically feasible and strategically sound ways.

Facilitated Design Thinking workshops for stakeholders from diverse business and technology sectors to establish unity on future goals and deliver human-centred outcomes at speed and scale.

Digital Transformation Expert
Skilled at seamlessly incorporating cutting-edge technologies into business and design strategies to enhance operational efficiency and deliver value.

Leader of Innovation
Promoted a culture of design and innovation through educational workshops, emphasizing the value and business impact of design practice and the crucial role of design in driving innovation.

Introduced Intelligent Products portfolio to business alliances and co-led persuasive GenAI client presentations showcasing innovation’s impact on organizational growth.

Worked with cross-functional teams to develop a strategy for integrating an AI/ML model into a specialized enterprise application.

Agile Project Management
Oversaw the project lifecycle using agile project management methodologies from inception to completion. 

Empowered cross-functional teams to collaborate seamlessly, driving collective success.

Planned and executed integration of the design team into Agile workflows.

Collaboration & Communication
Worked collaboratively with the leadership group to execute the company’s strategic initiatives.

Built strong working relationships and strategic partnerships with multidisciplinary teams to promote product design quality and effective collaboration with design teams.

Exceled at presenting complex ideas to executives through visually appealing and thoughtful presentations that resonate with the audience.

People Leader
Fostered a collaborative design culture and continuous learning among design teams, encouraging designers’ ownership of innovative projects.

Set OKRs for the design team and ensured that the team was accountable for meeting those expectations and achieving success.

Developed design team, supporting and coaching designers regarding their career progression.

Prioritized team building as a fundamental aspect of collective success, nurturing a sense of belonging and unity among the team.

Global Design Capability Leadership
Oversaw the XD team in Vancouver and recruited various Global Experience Design capability roles, conducting technical and behavioural interviews.

Assessed design portfolios, advising the Talent Acquisition team on prospective candidate engagement.

Created global virtual onboarding guides for new XD hires during the pandemic.

Diversity & Inclusion
Fostered an inclusive and diverse environment, promoting global connectivity and empathetic leadership.

Dedicated Mentor
Mentored Youth and Emerging Talents.

Supported women in the tech industry.

Business Growth
Led staffing, ensuring team alignment and data accuracy.

Built business cases, managed RFPs, spearheaded complex sales pursuits, strategized proposals and aligned financial planning with project scopes.

Led the expansion of business accounts and fostered public sector relationships, leading to business growth and public representation of business services.